Recommendation to all with wireless adapter problems

Everyone save yourself the headache and get the  

Netgear WNCE2001 Universal WiFi Internet Adapter

…Here are some of the features…NOTE , THIS PLUGS INTO YOUR WDTV BOX W AN ETHERNET CABLE AND IS WIRELESS ITSELF SO THE WDTV THINKS YOU HAVE AN ETHERNET CONNECTION BUT IN REALITY YOU ARE WIRELESS…AWESOME AND NO ISSUES GUARANTEED…also this frees up one of your usb slots on the wdtv box so you can plug in another flash drive or external hard drive… Another plus…And the features…

Wireless Connectivity for Your Ethernet-Enabled Devices
More and more of today’s home theater devices are Ethernet enabled, including TiVo, VUDU, Blu-ray players, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Internet TVs, and more. With this NETGEAR adapter, you’ll be able to cut the cord and use a wireless connection to network your devices.

Universal Compatibility
With the WNCE2001 Universal WiFi Internet Adapter, you will no longer need to buy individual proprietary WiFi dongles for the TV, Xbox, etc. because WNCE2001 works with all of them. You can simply plug it into the device when you need to and share it among multiple gadgets.

Wireless-N Technology for Fast Performance
The WNCE2001 adapter supports Wireless-N (2.4 GHz 802.11n) technology for outstanding speed and performance, keeping pace with your home theater devices. In addition, it is also backwards compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b networks.

The adapter can also repeat 2.4 GHz WiFi signals from devices made by NETGEAR and other brands, and it features dynamic LEDs that display real-time network connection status.

What you are describing is a wireless bridge. Many wireless routers can be set up as a wireless bridge. In fact, I have a WRT54G that I flashed with dd-wrt firmware and I have been using it as a wireless bridge for about 2 years. It works great.

Yes same idea…this one is smaller and works on routers that cannot be bridged…thats why its just an ethernet to wireless adapter…look it up…in previous post i listed the model number. Also dont forget not everyone knows how to do super tech things , or even go into the setup of a router…thats why i recommended the adapter. It is simple and easy to use and easy setup.1,2,3.