Recognizing Windows Shortcuts

Is there any way of making WDTV Live recognize windows shortcuts in the NETWORK VIDEO menu option?

The way I have my media set up at the moment, is I have for example a movies folder and a seperate documentaries folder, and then i have a people folder which contains shortcuts to the movies.

So for example, I might have a folder called JFK in the movies folder, and a documentary about John Kennedy in the documentaries folder, and then have John Kennedy in the people folder. The media files (movies) are in the movie and documentary folders, but I have windows shortcuts in the people folder pointing to all the media files about the person.

Movie Folder – JFK

Documentary Folder - Documentary about John Kennedy

People Folder - Windows Shortcut to JFK, Windows Shortcut to documentaries about john kennedy

Unfortunately, no.

Windows Shortcuts are almost proprietary;  I don’t know of ANY systems that can properly interpret them.

I do what you describe using my NAS, though…  Using “Symlinks” to make things appear in other places.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give that a look