Recognized but not opening

Hi! I’m having some issues im hoping someone can help me out with.

When I connect my passport for mac to my laptop, it is recognized in Disk Utilities but wont open anywhere. It’s saying my 2TB passport is full, but I highly doubt that as I’ve just used it for some travel photos/videos…

I made the mistake of updating to the latest IOS while it was still plugged in… and I’m thinking something happened when I did that (I am clueless)

I really dont want to lose all my files! Hope someone knows what I’m talking about.

Hi nicolemcb,

It could be a Permissions issue on the My passport for Mac. It is recommended to connect the drive with different MacOS computer to isolate the issue. You can refer the link mentioned below to troubleshoot for the issue.

You can run the “Complete Drive Test” on the drive using WD Drive Utilities for your My Passport For Mac device or use First Aid to test the drive when the drive is behaving abnormally. You can refer the links given below to run the test on the drive to find out the cause for such abnormal behavior of the drive.