Recognize as Hitachi in WD Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostic

I have error 0x8000FFFF catastrophic failure, cannot make new folder, cannot copy files into my new 2TB WD my Passport Ultra.
Tried everything, scan for viruses or malware, windows methods etc. I cannot make it work again. Fortunately, I still can copy Data from it and save them to another disk.
I download Data Lifeguard Diagnostic from WD, run it and found that it recognize my WD as Hitachi?
Also, in device manager it is known as Elements instead of Passport Ultra.
Is my WD Passport Ultra is a fake one? It come without software which is usually installed in HDD.

Apparently this Passport did work correctly using copy and paste process.

The Passport usually now comes with a setup program (WD Discover?) That will setup to use WD BAckup software, which installs on the PC. If you didn’t have that, I think someone has switched the drive.

Did you buy from Western Digital? You could try to register it and see what happens. If it is legitimate, they will replace it.

My Passport has worked fine on both desktop and laptop for three or four years.


Bought it from an online shop. Well, yes at the beginning it worked just fine. I also think that error 0x8000FFFF is an accident, not come with the hard disk, make it cannot receive any files anymore (around 1.5TB still available).
But why it known as Hitachi is a mystery to me.

You don’t know your WD history. WD bought Hitachi (HGST) about five years ago, because they made great drives – maybe better than the ones WD made. I have some earlier Hitachi drives and they are quiet and keep on working.

You are absolutely correct about Hitachi. Anyhow, I asked this matter to WD and they replied my email, confirmed that my WD is a fake one.
I didn’t complain, plan to use the HDD as usual and hopefully, find no more problems.
Thanks Mike