Recognition of 2 2tb drives in 1 dual enclosure

I have an Eagle Dual bay enclosure with 2 2tb drives. WD Live Plus only sees 1 drive. Is it supposed to be capable of showing and accessing both? I’ve used Patriot Box Office, ASUS O Play Air, Argosy, Seagate, Mediagate, Brightview and another HD Media player and all work with the “duals”. If not, is there a planned firmware fix? What is the story with the B-Rad(?) firmware? How do I get it/ use it/ go back the WD’s f/w if it fails…

No.  A Dual Bay enclosure is basically just an expensive USB Hub, and USB hubs are not supported for use with multiple drives.   You CAN use a USB Hub to support 1 Drive plus another device like a keyboard or WiFi adapter.

You own a lot of different media players!

Thanks for your reply Yes, I do own alot of these things having bought and set up several for friends and my kids. The Patriot box office is the best out there, especially at $45 after rebate! it holds an internal notebook sata drive, plus 2 other usb2 inputs and they keep making it better  via firmware they totally revamped the original interface and have added tons of useful content. Check it out at newegg, the best place to buy anything!

I’m still wondering about that B-Rad (?) hacked firmware should anybody out there be able to educate me on it…

The access to internet radio on several of these units is one of my most preferred “content” and several offer it…

Thanks again and enjoy!

@OP Rich

I can confirm your report of the WDTV Live only “seeing” 1 of the 2 HDD’s inside your dual HDD enclosure. This was discussed @

It was also later revealed that the dual HDD enclosure could be switched (via dip-switch inside the unit) into JBOD-big, resulting in 2TB+2TB = 4TB single volume. Once in this mode, the dual bay enclosure is connected to a PC and is seen as a single HDD with (almost) 4TB of space. Once in this mode, it can be connected to the Live+ and be seen as a single HDD with (almost) 4TB of space.

I am unsure if your Eagle enclosure has this JBOD-big ability.

If you are considering a new external enclosure, it has been reported that the Live+ is able to use a Mediasonic HFR2-SU2S2 (or SU3S2) PRORAID Box 4 Bay Raid Enclosure. The 3S2 is newer and has USB 3.0. I plan to get this one soon. With all those media players you have, I am sure you could use one of these….?