Reclaiming storage space

I have an WD Ex2 Ultra 6TB NAS drive set up as a Raid 1 of 3TB. I was using Acronis True Image to store backups on it in an Acronis share. In Home the dashboard showed “Other” capacity of 2.36TB with only 580GB left - I assumed that this storage must have referred to the Acronis backups. These backups weren’t working properly and I wanted to start afresh so I deleted the Acronis share. When I looked at the dashboard again however it was still showing “Other” capacity of 2.36TB. How can I confirm exactly where this storage is located?

Hi robbiesnr,

You can try power cycle the device and perform a 4 second or 40 second reset in order to troubleshoot for the storage related issue. To perform the rest, you can refer the steps given in the below mentioned link.

Thanks Brandon. I’ve tried both resets but the dashboard is still showing 2.36TB of space taken up by “Other”. Don’t understand that!


PS I did wonder if this was the deleted information from my earlier backups, but I can’t see where it’s stored.