ordered a Recertified my cloud device and now having chased this for a few days, having been told it was on its way, I am told there is no stock, yet they are still advertising. I am ok with that, but now I can not get a refund, apparently they can’t not cancel it as it is on order with the warehouse. Absolutely waste of time spending 45 mins at work trying to sort it out, to no avail. I am left wondering if or when I get the item or if I am getting a refund.
Check before you buy online or loose your money

Did you order this from WD?

With WD’s support always replacing units rather than fixing the software problem. They should have plenty of units to recertify.


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Ordered from ;
Tried to cancel the order with them yesterday, received an e-mail today telling me my cancellation request has been rejected! Still no idea when I might receive this product. Awful service!

Have you tried calling WD to inquire about your order?

This is mostly a user to user support forum, WD may not actively monitor these forums.

Yep, wasted 45 minutes of my life on the phone to them.

You are upset at WD because they got your order on its way to you right away so it cannot be cancelled now? Get real.

So, when you receive it, set up a return with WD; although it may cost you shipping, etc. Such is life.

Er, no; that’s not my reading of the OP.

They are out of stock.
It is on back order at the warehouse.

The ‘WD Store’ in the UK is provided by Digital River Ireland. Their cancellation policy is as follows:

Orders for in-stock items are sent to our warehouse for shipping immediately after you place the order, therefore, in-stock items cannot be canceled.

This seems to be at odds with the notification that the device is out of stock, so something doesn’t add up: either the device is in stock at the warehouse, and can be shipped immediately (and therefore can be given a delivery date, and cannot be cancelled), or the device is out-of-stock at the warehouse, and therefore on backorder, and so, according to their terms, can be cancelled.

Thank you, cpt__paranoia, that’s exactly right. Mike27oct, try reading my issue correctly before you go telling me to ‘Get real’!

They do not have stock so cannot give me a delivery date. I’m just more frustrated than anything, if they said it would be a week or even 2 I’d be happy to wait and would keep it when it arrives. It’s just the not knowing and the not being allowed to cancel my order and re-order it for next day delivery somewhere else!

Surprise, Surprise, it arrived today, even though no one could give me a delivery date,

Hi all,
Have the same situation here now. Ordered Recertified My Cloud Mirror 7 weeks ago when it was in stock on their website and as of today they don’t know what’s the status of my order.

Very poor service,

Info sent to WD Store. Closing.