RECERTIFIED drives, refurbished or brand new?

I have just bought the 2 3TB Red drives, I was told these were brand new, when they arrived the packaging say it is RECERTIFIED and the labels on the drives are white.

Checked on the WD site it says they are RED and 3TB. Are these refurbished drives or brand new ?

Thanks for any help.

Thanks but I sort of need a more concrete answers as I need to decide whether to send these back as I did purchase brand new devices and not refurbished ones.


Hi if it said RECERTIFIED then that could mean a few things .

1: The drive may have been sold to someone and they did not want it and returned some A+ tech checked it out and said it was OK.

2: The drives are actually recertified and have been returned fixed and put out for sale.

I would first of all go check the warranty on the drive. You can do that here.  .

Personally If it said recertified and it was me I would send those drives back. The problem of customers returning drives when they can’t get them to work you don’t know what they have done to them dropped on the floor plugged in wrong. I would not take the chance. But a recertified drive would not have the same warranty as a new one.

Hi People,

Thanks for the info, I raised a support ticket last Friday but no one has responded back.  I check the warranty and there is 2 years from WD.


Hi ok that tells you they are refurbished as the WD Red drives have a 3 year warranty.

Thats what I thought, I have had my case pushed to a support engineer to shed some light.

With the info I can go back to the seller.

Where did you buy the drives from ? Thats the main Q. Ebay sellers are notorious for selling re-cert drives