Recent firmware upgrade to 1.04.12

Performed recent upgrade to 1.04.12 . I thought  I had copied all the files to perform this upgrade, I may had missed one.

I’m now getting a screen warning message  advising me that third party or user modified firmware is installed. The next screen that appears further explains about third party firmware installed ,a rollback is not possible. Note no warning about  installing "official or GPL firmware came on screen before the actual firmware upgrade took place. I’m unable to access any other screen.

Performed a reset :-  no fix

Is there a way to reinstall the new or previous firmware (1.03.10)  to get the WD Live Streaming media player up and running?

Right now the Rollback code is unavailable, but that’s probably because 1.04.12 is so new.

 Firmware version 1.03.10 is unavailable for roll back at the current time due to an issue discovered when rolling back to this firmware. WD recommends not rolling back to this firmware if you have already downloaded this file.

Where did you get your firmware upgrade from?

You should only download from the page below (top right hand tab)

All my firmware upgrades were obtained from these WD sites and installed manually. I have another WD HD Media player  and have had no problem with upgrading the firmware. As mentioned in my original post I think I may have missed a file and did not see any message to install “Official” upgrade only as in the previous upgrade (1.03.10). The upgrade to 1.04.12 just went straight ahead. Sounds like there maybe some hope for me.

I further investigated the firmware downloaded at first and it was for the wrong media player type and model. I have downloaded the right firmware upgrade for the right media player I have and was able to successfully upgrade to 1.0412

Problem  resolved, Thanks to all who replied

I wish I would have left my auto update on the unit turned off.

ever since it did the update this thing has acted goofy.  it randomly freezes up where I have to unplug it, files don’t play as smooth as they did, I’m having issues getting it to read the folders correctly on my computer (shows things that aren’t there)

etc etc. 

I’ve dug out my receipt and I have a few more days I can return it.  if it’s still acting up in a week I’m taking it back.  this thing is probably the worst product I’ve bought in the last several years.