Recent firmware for MyCloudEX4 2.11.133

I have some iSCSI drives set up, and since updating to this version, whenever I access these, explorer freezes.
To make it unfreeze, I have to unplug the NAS, or reboot it from another system.
I think the latest firmware broke this feature, as accessing via the \network route works flawlessly…
Is there a place to obtain the previous firmware version, so I can at least see if it is the new version that is the issue.

I tried contacting WD directly, but the form states my model number is invalid (lol?)

Hello, Have you tried resetting the drive by pressing the reset in the back of the drive? There was a thread a while back, I believe in the My Cloud forum that had the links for previous firmware.

I can only find My_Cloud_GLCR_2.10.310.bin, but GLCR isn’t for EX4, I need LT4A, as I tried to reflash it, and the product page downloaded LT4A.