Received two suspicious emails this morning "New Cloud Added"


I received two suspicious emails this morning.
The first one says in the subject “New Cloud Added”, the second one says in the subject “You have a cloud of your own”. Both emails’ body has this:

Both emails look legit with WD logo. When I click on message body not necessarily on the “Sign in” but somewhere in that area it opens a new window with the My Cloud remote log in which I’ve been using in the past.

Any idea where it’s coming from? I didn’t “create” a new cloud recently, I’ve been using the WD EX2 Ultra for a few years.


I received too, I didn’t any action. I hope it was only a bug…

I received an email that my password had been changed this morning (and it had indeed, not good). Wondering if these are all related.

Password Reset and New Cloud Added Emails

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