Received "Access Denied" when tried to click on Mybook Live's Shares (through WD2Go)

Hi there,

I can access my MybookLive’s Shares through WD2Go using any PC’s or Laptops at home (Win7 + XP).  However, when tried the same thing at work, I received “Access Denied” when clicking on the Shares (see below image).  My work PC has 32bit XP.

Could that be a Firewall issue?

Your help is much appreciated.


Choi Luon.


Is this only your work PC that doesn’t work?

Does the work PC work while at home?

Hi WDTony,

That was the only work PC I tested so far.  I can’ test the work PC while I’m at home.

I’ll try on another PC at work sometime next week and let you know.