Rec'd RMA replacement MYBOOKLIVE

I requested an RMA for MYBOOKLIVE (LED problem) and printed the available label online (cost me $12).  I was sent a brand new MYBOOKLIVE, one that looked the same as one off the shelf at BestBuy.  The process took two weeks.  The new WD is working fine–so far.  I don’t like it when an electronic product doesn’t last through the warranty period, but WD has been fair.  They make interesting products, especially for a home theatre experience. Besides this particular defect, my only other grip is the firmware updates; e.g., the latest firmware update for WD Live Hub.  I love the product, especially its small-form factor.  I think WD could own the market in home theatre if its quality assurance was stronger.  Anyway, I got a new WD MYBOOKLIVE and I’m happy.

Thanks WD and thanks for this forum, too. 

Yes, I been a fan of they NAS, I know that a lot of people hate the WD ShareSpace, but I’m happy with mine, same with the My Book Live.

I knew of the drive limitations before I purchase, so, no nasty surprises there.