Rebuilding Disk on G-RAID Thunderbolt 2

When I turned on my G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 drive 1 turned red and the G-Raid Configurator states that drive 1 is degraded and needs to be rebuilt. My G-Raid is configured as RAID 1

I’m running version 1.1(52) of G-Raid Configurator.

I have questions about the procedure to rebuild because I did this once a few years ago and recall having issues and that the G-Raid Configurator dialog mislabeled slot 1 and 2 which was very nerving.

  1. Does degraded mean that I throw away the drive or does it just mean that I need to reformat it then rebuild?
  2. Do I move the good drive into slot 1 or do I unmount and install a new drive 1?
  3. Does the new drive have to be empty or can it overwrite an existing spare drive that I have?
  4. Do I have to format/reformat the drive that I will be using?
  5. Does G-Raid Configurator still mix up the slots and see slot 1 as slot 2? (I did this a long time ago and if I remember correctly the message dialog for rebuilding mixes up the slot numbers)
  1. Degraded means that the RAID is no longer protected and it is out of sync.
  2. You don’t have to move the drive, you can continue to use it in its existing slot.
  3. No it will overwrite whatever is on it and rebuild the good data to it.
  4. Same answer
  5. The rebuilding mixes the #s on the G-RAID studio version, but as long as you select the device with the D in the name it will still be rebuilding the correct drive.

The best suggestion is if it still mounts due to one drive being fine to just transfer the data off to another location all together and instead of rebuilding just re-configure the drive back to RAID1, this process is way faster than going through a rebuild.

Hi Rydia - hoping for some help. I have a pair of drives that are now degraded - somehow they became out of sync and they are mounting as individual drives with slightly different content. One drive is correct (the one labeled as [D]) and the other is outdated. What is the meaning of the D?

Do I select the drive that I believe is incorrect and click rebuild? Or do I select the drive that has the correct data?

“as long as you select the device with the D in the name it will still be rebuilding the correct drive.”

can you explain this statement? Does it apply here too?