Rebuild DLNA Media Server Database ^+ then v-0

When I setup my Twonky and restart server then rebuild media dlna database all goes well showing my files then everything counts down and dissapears back to zero. I am trying to access through xbox one x media. It shows my device but no files. I can access through all other network connected windows 10 systems and android. I am unable to stream to xbox one x.

Q. Why doesn’t Twonky find my media?
A: That’s a good question, [and there are probably many reasons]…
If Twonky fails to find some of your media, it may be because it doesn’t understand the file type, and doesn’t recognise it as a media file it understands.

Another common reason seems to be that, following a MyCloud restart or firmware upgrade, it comes back with the Shares|Public|Media Serving turned off. This seems to manifest itself as Twonky scanning the directories, and finding lots of media (viewed using the Settings|Status page of the Twonky UI), but, when it finishes the scan, it seems to suddenly realise that Media Serving is turned off, and goes and deletes all the entries from its database, and the media counts fall back to zero, [or near zero]. The default state of the MyCloud is confused; Media Serving defaults to OFF:

Thank you for replying cpt_paranoia. I have my Public set as shared. Media Sharing is on and I have added to Twonky my public mother folders for three locations. I’m set as DHCP, FTP on, Remote on and, Media streaming is on. I do not use Apple so itunes is off. All settings are as they should be for access with my old xbox. My Mycloud http access page shows the correct storage use between photo/video/music. My DLNA rescan just goes up then decreases back down to zero.

FTP and remote access are not needed for local network DLNA access to media stored on the My Cloud.

Dumb question but what media files are you having trouble accessing with the Xbox? Are the media files supported by the Twonky DLNA media server? Are those same media files supported by the Xbox media player?

The following WD Knowledgebase article lists the supported file types:

Where is your media stored, though? My FAQ may need a bit of tweaking, because the share that needs to have media sharing enabled is the share where your media is stored; if it’s not Public…