Rebooting w Youtube App?

I manually rolled back the driver to the earlier firmware (1 step back) and there are apparently “memory leak” issues so the YouTube starts freezing up.  Per earlier recommendation, I then successfully reinstalled the latest firmware 1.02.07.  It seemed (you tube app) to work fine yesterday.  Now when I start YouTube, it reboots the WDTV.

Any other recommendations? This is a unit that i purchased about 6 mo ago new. (So I assume it’s a fairly recent model)



I recommend you try a factory restore and a power cycle. If the issue remains then you should contact support.

Contact WD

I actually did a factory reset after rolling back the firmware. (will try it again) I am not familiar with a Power Cycle…what is that?


MontyThelab wrote:

 I am not familiar with a Power Cycle…what is that?

Pull the power plug and plug it back in.  ;)

Oh, ok…ha. Yes, I have done that many times as well. 

well, this will not stop the memory leak

but if nobody else has an idea, you can try this