Reboot wd tv live hub

Have this mediaplayer(firmware: 2.07.17) for 2 weeks now, have only one problem.

When i watch a dvdmovie(video_ts/vob files) and stop(by pushing the remote) watching movie, the hub goes in a reboot mode, have to wait until it is finished before i can proceed futher.

Externe Harddisk: WD6400AAK same problem

Internel Harddisk: same problem

mvk., avi, mpeg enz. no probleem

What can i do?

Dude, if your media player reboots when you try to stop a movie then there’s something wrong in here. Try to roll back the firmware to another version just for testing, if you don’t get the same problem then you could report it as a bug. If it happens with different versions on your media player then it could be bad and a replacement would be the way to go…

I have the same…verry bad.when i go back to an older firmware its gone and works great.

strange with the 2 lattest firmwares it happens every time i stopped a movie ,it go’s in a reboot mode and takes a long time to reboot.