Reboot Loop after modifying theme

Sorry if there has already been a thread, I was unable to find one. I’m new to creating themes on the WD TV Live Hub so prone to making trial and error mistakes.

Well, I was modifying the “inc_rv_home_menu_node” XML file and attempting to remove the animation part of the code (“animation_format_str” and “animation_num”) but upon doing so and re-applying the theme it crashed the device and is now in a reboot loop. Normally it just defaults back to the default Mochi theme but it didn’t do it this time around.

Any help would be great.


Just keep pressing the Setup button while it boots, this may take a few tries. 

This will eventually bring you to the setup screen, then change the theme back to the default theme.

Also, to get rid of the animations, just change “animation_num"0"”, you don’t need to do anything else.

This was covered here:


Girlfriend got really angry at me because she wanted to watch a movie so I ended up just taking the HDD out of the device, connected it to my PC and manually deleting the theme folder. Wasn’t sure if it would work because it was the first time I have removed the internal HDD but all good.

Also, to get rid of the animations, just change “animation_num"0"”, you don’t need to do anything else.


Yes having a look now I now know what the number represents. I thought it was related to something else like an ID or something but I was wrong. Your way is much easier than setting “animation_format_str” to a static image. However, I have noticed in some themes this code has been removed entirely. How has it been done without crashing the device?

Also the actual animation I wanted to remove was the one that scrolls vertically when the tab is selected, “focused_bg”. Is there a way to prevent this from animating when the tab is selected? Removing the link still causes the animation to display so I’m assuming it’s related to another XML file.

The animation your talking about can be stopped, but it depends on what you actually want to do as to what you need to modify.

You can’t actually change the how the UI functions.  Everything that has been done is a trick and requires multiple modificatons.

You have to edit “rv_home.xml”, “inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml” as well as editing the “xx_icon_f.png” and “xx_icon_n.png”