Reboot issue & startup crash WD TV Live Hub


I have my WD TV Live Hub media center (1Tb) since a few weeks. First everything was fine but since a few days it was restarting every so many minutes while it was powered off. No idea why as it isn’t connected to any networks.

Today it go even worse. Now it doesn’t boot anymore. when I power on I see “Loading Mochi” and then it just shuts down.

What can i do?




Since it’s only been a few weeks, take it back to the store and exchange it.

It sounds like you’re suffering from a known hardware issue that affected some units; the power switch is faulty.

I believe you are suffering from the same problem like a lot of us. That problem is discussed in this thread and the remedy that I recommended is in page 7. That remedy is risky so you could either take the risk and do the remedy or exchange your unit like what Tony said.