Reboot caused reset, now cannot link shares correctly to users

About a month ago, I had a 2 TB red fail and had it replaced and all looked good. Was trying to get a friend cloud access, but the GUI would not allow me to set his email address, or any address as I have tried on a dummy user as well. After a reboot, all my users have been removed, but the shares remain on the array. After recreating all the users, I find that I can set email address, but cannot assign the shares to the users correctly. Like if I go into Users, select User1 then set Share Access for User1’s share to read/write, it will show that it accepted, until I move to another section of GUI then back, then all changes are gone. No matter how I try to change the share access(either by Users or Shares), nothing becomes set and will be messed up whenever I go back to look at the shares. It is pretty useless in this state, any suggestions on how to correct this, though formatting drives is not an option?

i had similar problem with Shares, it was fixed when i toggled Private switch from Shares. Try to make all shares Private, reboot, and try it again.

I got it sorted out, I removed all users, backed up the data on each share, deleted the share, then have the EX4 recreate the shares WITH the users, then move the data back. Not much of a hassle, but still is a pain that it happened.