Reboot and delete of Docker (Topic can be deleted, no one has an answer)

My Cloud EX2 Ultra with 2 TB
Firmware: 2.31.204

Good morning to all!

I have two problems. First of all my NAS simply stops after a few days of continuous operation and can no longer be accessed from the outside. No access via Browser or SSH.

I haven’t found a reason for this, but one solution may be to restart the NAS every night. How do I do that? I added a reboot task with crontab -e, but it does not work and this line was removed at some point. How I create a persistent cron entry?

Next Question is about a manual installed Docker. I have installed Docker via SSH, but it does not work and my original aim I has been solved by another solution, therefore I don’t need it anymore. Now I would like to remove Docker from the NAS. I see the function on the GUI and press “REMOVE”. The NAS do a few seconds somtething and then Docker is removed in the List of Apps. However a refresh of the GUI brings Docker back into List.

How I can delete docker from the NAS?

I hope my text is understandable.

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