Really using the my passport es

does anyone know how to:

1: use these drives like simple flash drives, and mass storage devices…?

2: how to select which files to back-up and which to leave alone…?

i just want my music and pics stored from 3 different computers, and i don’t know how to ignore the rest of the files on the pc’s

Just like a thumb drive, find what you want to copy and drag it to the external drive / copy & paste, hence you are fully selecting what you want to backup, but you need to find it on your computer first, at least that’s how it goes with the Passport of the topic owner.

If you want to copy the files from 3 computers like a flash drive, find the main folder that has the files that you want, then right click the folder / file> Select Copy > Go to the external drive (on Computer or My Computer)> Right click the external drive> Select Paste. Another way is to find the main folder that has the files that you want> Right click the folder / file> Highight Send to> Select the external drive.

If you mean using the software (If it’s Smartware), you can go to the backup tab and click on details to select the categories that will be backed up. If your drive has Smartware, the software only lets you copy the files this way unless you do it manually (Copy & paste, again) or if you use another software.