Really disappointed with the WD My Cloud online access service!

I bought the My Cloud from February and have never got my mind at ease using it. Now the site just doesn’t work. I can log in and see my device but cannot access it. The download link I create using the mobile device or the My Cloud app on Windows also doesn’t work.

The weird thing is I can still access my device from mobile and the windows app. But the link and the website refuse to open. I use My Cloud mainly to send links of my documents to my clients, so I guess I must get back to the good old email way again.

I feel like you guys just trick us into buying it and hang us dry with the low quality service. I will never buy a WD product again.

Quick suggestion – check whether this is a Java issue. I’ve installed the latest version of Java in a desktop at work and run into several problems. Will write about those soon.


A good description of exactly what happens when you use wd2go would help. After entering wd2go and clicking on enter what happens? Below is what should show.

After signing in what happens? Do you see your My Cloud device as shown below.

What happens after you click on WDMYCLOUD as shown above? Do you see what is shown below?

The more information you provide the more likely someone here can help.

If you have Windows 7 or 8 run the Problems Steps Recorder, save the information and send it to Western Digital.

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cat0w (USA)

Thank you both for your replies. I can get as far as the second pic above. When I click on the device, the browser (I use Chrome and IE) just loading and show The page is not available. I have checked the Java update and it said I have the latest version.

Especially the download links I create can’t be downloaded anymore.

I can still access the device from my iphone app and desktop app. That’s really weird.

Well, I think it’s ok now. I just reset the device and it fixed itself.

I have to deal with many occasional troubles before so this time I just assumed it’s the wd2go server’s fault and didn’t try to reset my device.

Thanks you guys for trying to help me! I hope WD would issue a more stable firmware so this won’t happen again.