Reallocation Event Count

Hi I have a hard drive that has 998375424 listed under Reallocation Event Count. Although it shows nothing for the Reallocated sector count is this still something that should be replaced.

Thank You

If each “event” corresponds to a different sector, then 998375424 sectors equates to a capacity of 511GB. That’s got to be absurd.

Instead, if we view that number in hexadecimal, it looks a lot less troublesome:

998 375 424 = 0x00003B820000

Each raw SMART value occupies 48 bits or 6 bytes (or 12 nibbles). I have often found that these numbers can be composed of several components. In the present case, it may be that the actual Reallocation Event Count is stored in the lowermost 4 nibbles, ie 0x0000. The next 4 nibbles (0x3B82) may have some other meaning.

In short, I suspect that the actual count may be 0, but I’m far from certain.

Hi Thank You for your help. I have checked the drive and there are no bad sectors that hd tune pro finds. The system boots slow and the access time is at 22 ms when the drive is advertised at 14 ms. Its a customers laptop so I dont want to let it go if theres a chance the drive is going. And a wd black drive would make it run so much better lol.

It may help if we could see HD Tune’s read benchmark graph. It should be a smooth, monotonically decreasing curve with no big dips. The access time graph should consist of a band of data points whose width corresponds to the time for one complete rotation of the platters. It should have a minimal scatter of data points outside this band.

As for the SMART data, what are the Current and Worst values for the Reallocation Event Count? If these values are near enough to 100, then this would suggest that there is no actual problem with that particular attribute.

Hi yes there are no up and down drastic drops in the benchmark graph. Also there are minimal data points outside the graph. So I thought ok cant be much wrong with it. So I started the restore process it created the restore partition and copyied all the files to it then started the install each time i tried it would get to 89 % and stop I waited about 15 min and eventually it poped up with a error code when followed suggested hard drive fail. I put another drive in it and it restored the lappy no problem very weird. To show no bad sectors and pass scans with several diffrent hd test programs makes no sence to me lol. Thank You for your Help fzabkar