Real time file sync

Eventaully take in consideration the compatibilty with the BitTorrent Sync


Yes. It’s a must. Bit Torrent Sync is very fast. It would be very cool.


Thanks for the feedback. We do not officially support BT Sync nor do we have it in our app store. I do know that they have a section of their site dedicated to dedicated to “other devices” when choosing to download their app where they publish packages for devices other than computers/phones. You may want to check that out.

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Yes you are right, but only for MyCloud EX2 and up (devices with app section). There is no official solution for MyCloud Personal, only with ssh commands and can have impact on warranty.
I’m wondering if it possible to put the EX2 firmware on MyCloud Personal to have the app section. (probably it’s possible, I think it comes with this firmware because is the cheapest version of MyCloud family)

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