Readyview HD Crash

Hi - I recently bought a Readyview system used and the system worked great for a week and then the HD crashed. How can I get the OS for my system now that I have a new WD 6TB Purple drive?

The OS is not on the hard drive. If you replace the hard drive and the system still not boot. Then you can contact WD Support on how to recover the system boot image.

Since you bought as use, remember to do a system factory restore to remove the old own from accessing your system. Make sure you have the QR code ready for the app and remember to use different password.

Thanks for the reply; however, I can’t get past the password field. I’ve tried the default at “Readyview123”, but that does not work. Is the OS embedded on a chip on the system board or is there a USB stick or an ISO image I can get access to to load onto my new drive? My assumption is that will provide me with a fresh start where I can create my own password, etc…

You can try Readyview1234 or your old password that you set before.

Thanks for the quick reply, but the Readyview1234 does not work and I never set up my own password. when I got these used, I powered them up and used them right away. Didn’t have a need to do advance configurations or any other features requiring a password. I have since made contact with Micro Center and they have informed me that there is a way to reset the password, but I have to be connected to the system via the app. I’ll let you know how that turns out in the next day or 2. Thanks!