ReadyView Camera config over IP network

I’m looking to take the ReadyView 4x8MPix camera kit and rather than connecting the cameras directly to ports 1-4 on the NVR box I need to extend the cameras over an IP network, involving both HomePlug-AV (to network over power lines) and a POE switch (to add power to the cameras).

My question: has anyone connected more than one camera to a POE switch, and then run those two(+) camera IP streams from the POE switch using ONLY ONE CABLE from the POE switch back to ONLY ONE port on the NVR box? Does the NVR box recognize that it has 2+ cameras connected even though only one port is connected on the NVR? Are there any limitations there? Do you have any advice on configuration steps related to Static-IP/DHCP configuration to achieve this?

There would actually be no other devices on this network as it would be entirely exclusive to the NVR and cameras, so would the NVR actually provide DHCP services and whether I use 4 cameras one 1 port on the NVR (via the POE swtich) or whether all 4 cameras are directly connected is irrelevant and this all works just like normal network gear?


It should work, but I believed you would have to manually add the camera in the camera setup section. If your NVR support 8 cameras then you can only add up to 8 cameras. The NVR should able to release the IP addresses to those 4 cameras. Like I said you would have to manually add those cameras in the camera setup section. Good Luck.