Reading & Ripping Movies Issue Hub Wont Play

Hi I have been ripping blu rays with any DVD and DVD fab - DVD fab seems to be the most consistent. I am ripping to iso’s some DVD’s I have tried in both programs but seem to have problems with hub playing them.

For instance toy story 3 when ripped in any DVD wont play but in DVD fab it cuts the start off?

Top gun any DVD ripped it doesn’t play and with DVD fab it plays the first minute then stops and goes to the hub menu?

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for help in advance!

Toy Story 3 uses BD-J (Java) menus, which the Hub can’t handle.  I’m not sure but I think Top Gun may also use BD-J for its menus.

Try ripping any BD-J discs as movie-only, rather than making a complete ISO of the entire disc.