Reading RAID 1 drive independantly

I bought a WD Thunderbolt Drive for my Mac. If I set it to RAID 1 (mirrored), I would like to be able to pull out one of the drives, connect it to my Mac via a separate single HDD housing and read the data on my Mac via USB. This is in case my WD Thunderbolt housing were to fail and I need to pull off my data urgently.

I understand that when the drives are set to RAID 1, its not quite so simple to do what I have described above. Is there a utility that will allow me to retrieve my data from a RAID 1 configured drive independently WITHOUT having to use the original Thunderbolt or any other RAID capable housing?

with Raid 1 this is not an issue, as long as thunderbolt is not using hardware encryption.

as long as there is no encryption, you should be able to mount the drive from any other universal enclosure.

I’ve tried that using a docking station connect to my iMac thru a firewire cable but my  failed to read any content of the independant HDD.  Anyway that I can read without the RAID enclosure?