Reading or copying files from Gtech R-Series mobile external SSDs (2TB size) is agonizingly slow (starts/stops)

I have 2 of these (G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE R-Series USB 3.1 Type-C mobile SSDs).
Copying or even accessing anything from either of these drives is agonizingly slow.

It will copy at about 15mb/sec for about 10 seconds and then the transfer rate goes to zero, and then a minute later will start up again. This start/stop behavior continues for the entire copy.

Interestingly, I can WRITE to the drives and it is pretty fast and does not slow. The problem is only with reading from them.

I have a Windows desktop (Core i7 w/8 gig of memory).

I have several other G-Tech EVO series external SSDs (normal USB connections, not type-C) and they are fine and fast. My G-tech spinner drives are also fast.

I use Windows Explorer, but also tried FastCopy and TeraCopy with the same results.

These are new drives and are doing this right out of the box.

(My original post said that just copying from one to the other was slow. This was wrong. It’s a bigger problem.)

Thanks for any help.

The issue could be due to the bus being overloaded due to the rate of transfer or because of the way the computer recognizes the drives.

There is nothing that can be changed to affect what you are experiencing. The work around would be to not try transferring between each-other. You could try replacing one of them and see if that helps due to the physical and vendor IDs being assigned to them by the system. Also if you have one on USB-C try the other with a USB A connection and see if it continues.

Thanks for the quick advice. I appreciate the help. I have revised my original post, and the problem is simpler: The drives are very slow when retrieving or accessing data on them. It doesn’t matter if only one of them is connected. My other Gtech external drives are fine (several SSDs and 2 spinners).

Is there anything different about the operation or design of these Mobile R-series drives vs. the older EVO drives? Why should they work differently on the same machine? Do they use the same drivers?
They are all powered by USB only.

I didn’t think these would behave differently in exactly the same environment. Is this something I should have been aware of before purchasing them? I don’t see any warnings about this in the documentation.
Thanks again.

The drives in the R series are different type of SSDs entirely. There is no known issue like you are experiencing so it isn’t something anyone could have been aware of prior.

You can try enabling and disabling write caching on the drives to see if that makes any difference.

  • Go to Device Manager and under Disk Drives select your connected G-Drive and click the Policies tab

  • Toggle the write caching in here and do a restart of the system and see if that has an effect.