Reading from an old NAS RAID 1 disk to populate new NAS

I had a WD my book world white light . Sadly the hardware broke down.
The disk’s are fine. I am unable to read them on a computer as these are in RAID 1.
I bought a new WD mycloud and wanted to transfer this data over.
Someone can suggest how to do this?

Here’s a fairly good summary:

You should be able to do this via a Linux LIVE session without having to actually install an OS on your PC.

If I connect my cloud duo to the disk. Being Linux based should it not be able to read the drive?

I would strongly suggest using a real linux, as the way the MyClouds do raid is very strange/crippled.

Just download a mint live/install cd. When you boot it, choose “live mode”. Attach the RAID volume via a USB adapter, and mint should find it right away.

If mint really finds it right away will I be able to copy stuff out to the network?

You should. The liveCD detects most network hardware and tries to lease DHCP automagically. Connecting to a windows share in linux is a little strange though.

In the file manager, go to the address bar and type smb://[path or IP to share] and press enter.

EG, this is what I would use for my statically assigned mycloud.


It will ask for credentials, but just click OK to connect as guest. Works fine.