Read / Write Peformance With Latest Firmware

I just wanted to mention that if you are holding off on installing the new firmware dont. There are many new improvements and fixes, not all of them are listed in the release notes. One of the best new improvements is the much faster write speed.  Using SAMBA I used to get an average write speed of 50 to 60MBs on large files.  I now get 70 to 80MBs on large files.  Very nice! 

Just be sure to download the new .bin file to your cat 5e connected PC first, then do the manual upgrade uploading the .bin file from your wired PC to the EX2.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

Thanks for this info Vertech1. Yes, my current average write speed is about 50-60 MBps and I am using the previous firmware. I won’t be upgrading to the latest one anytime soon as I will have to apply all my custom changes and test those changes and I do not have the time to do that right now. But will keep this speed increase benefit in mind.