Read only

The PDF files i keep and modify on my “MyBook Live” Type: WDNAS:1 “open read only” half the time not allowing me to make changes. It started out occasionally and now it happens almost every tiime I open one. I work with a lot of different PDF’s and the problem is random. when I move or copy the same file to my desk top i can open the file with no modification. As soon as i move it back to within the directory of my External HD it locks it again. I change the folder root properties to no avail. I have installed the software for the HD on my main computer and have have the Share settings on Public. I have no problem with other file formats such as word, Excel autoCAD etc… jus the PDFs. can you help?



What OS are you using? Windows 7 and Vista can be a royal pain with sharing, permissions and ownership. Could the problem be in your software for the PDF rather than OS since other file types are not affected.


I am using XP on all my machines.  The software works fine when opening files located on my computer. Iit used to open fine all the time on the external. It is only recently that I have had these episodes with the external where the file opens read only. Even when it is open in read only mode the document permissions within the software shows full modification rights. .As i mentioned, after I have a read only episode, I move the file to my desk top and it opens immediately with no "read only " notification and i am able to save changes. I then move it back to the folder on the HD it  opens read only. furthermore, the folder shows read only in the folder properties. when I de-select the read only radio button in the folder properties dialog box and hit apply and close the folder it doesn’t save the changes. The folder remains "read only when I open the properties again.