Read-only shares are NOT shown for guest user remotely on


i noticed following while setting up/testing my MyCloud 2TB 2.Gen.:

  1. I describe the starting situation: I create a user with name xyz and his is authentified to login on created 2 shares A and B, both are not public. So I set full read-write permission for user xyz.
    Result -> user xyz logs in on and he sees both shares A and B.
    THis is how it should be!

  2. NEXT:
    Starting situation: I set the user permission for the share A to read-only and for share B to read/write.
    Result -> then when the user logs on to, he sees both the shares A and B.
    Thsi is how it should be!

  3. BUT:
    Starting siatiation: I set the user permissions for both shares A and B to “only-read”.
    Result -> then when the user logs in to, he can not see any of the shares A and B . WHY?
    Read-only permission means that the user can view the share but he can not make any changes (rename, delete, add…) or did I missunderstood something?

can you reproduce this?

when the user refreshes his access (click on the MyCloud device on the left side and the refresh) both shares A and B shortly/quickly appear and disappear on the left side. But they are not displayed. Sometimes there is a message like “you dont have permission. please contact the admin or the cloud owner”.
This issue happens on Windows7 laptop and Android mobile device

Hello there,

Does this also happen when you locally connect to the shares or just with remote access?

What do you mean to connect locally? Through the Dashboard or Windows explorer ?

In the Windows explorer everything is how it should be. But when logged in on shares disappare when permission set to read-only.

Maybe one can create himself mycloud account and test the permissions?

So, I have a completely new MyCloud 2TB device 2nd Gen.
First thing I did:

  1. Mycloud connected
  2. I registered the unit on my behalf and set up my MyCloud account
  3. I Created a share “test” on the dashboard, turned “public” off and set read / write access for my Admin account
  4. Log on to my account at The share “test” is displayed.
  5. Unsubscribe from my account at
  6. On the dashboard, change the remote access for “test” share for my admins account to only-read access
  7. Sign me in with my account on —> Test release is NOT displayed ??? !!!
    This test was made with the old firmware 2.11.140 and the current firmware 2.21.126.

For me this is a bug.