Read it or Not read it?

I bought a new mac (macbook pro 15’ mid 2014). I connected my exiting external drive. And the new mac was not able to list the drive, and crashed/froze the finder.

If I reconnect my old macbook it’s works perfecly.

I don’t know what’s wrong. 

Every macbook has a 10.10.1 system

The hard drive is good.

Got a good system partition

I’m the owner on the filesystem.

Someone already encountered same problem?


Hi dire2000, welcome to the WD Community. As a troubleshooting step be sure to connect the Passport directly to the USB port on the Mac that is having problems, avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs. 


Problem is solved! :slight_smile: Just needed more time. We had to wait 10 minutes. After that work properly. Strange… :slight_smile:

I experienced the same issue with finder widow, a simple re-launch of finder using the Alt- Command- Esc-Keys helped me!