Read hdd extracted from MyCloud ex2

Hi everyone. I sold my wd mycloud ex2 together with 1 of the 2 hdd. I am trying to read the data on the remaining hdd but i am unable to access it under linux.
I managed to see the drive, but i cannot mount it. It is listed as encrypted and requires a Password, but its not my usual wd password.

Any ideas?

See the dedicated subforum for the EX2 where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist. And were you can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search for similar past discussions.

This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses the single hard drive My Cloud unit.

Your problem with being unable to read the drive might be due to using some form of RAID or similar disk spanning/mirroring method when setting up the My Cloud EX2 with two drives. Without remounting the full RAID set using a device that supports RAID (like another EX2) you may have problems attempting to read a single hard drive from that RAID set using a basic SATA adapter.