Read and Write operation on WD External Drive is very slow

Hello, I have recently purchased WD Passport Essential SE Drive. Serial Number and Part Numbers mentioned above for reference. This has enormous slow speed for read and write operations. In this regards I have below questions.

 1. Can we somehow improve the speed of the drive ?

 2. Can I use USB 3.0 cable with this Drive ?

Is your drive USB 3.0 compatible? If so, remember that you will need a USB 3.0 port in your computer also. Have you test your drive using a different computer?

Since someone had deleted your drive model #,  I can’t be sure whether your drive is USB3 compatible or not. If your drive is USB2, and on of current release of My Passport, then your drive may be suffering from sleeping disorder.

There is no proper solution available right now. (Current firmware release won’t fix this)

There are workarounds to keep  this drive100% awake (Manually modifing APM parameters with Crystaldisk). Read previous posts. I persnally don’t think that is very healthy for a 2.5 drive without active/passive cooling.

But if you’re reffering to little slowness on read/write performance, then you have to wait until WD fix it with newer firmware release. I have notice that too.