Reactive Clear Covers

On every hard drive in the world today there is always a Metal cover obscuring the internal workings of a hard drive.

How about a Clear Lexan or Heavy grade plexiglas cover On top and Place smaller more visible labelling on the cover with a see thru labelling system.

Make it available in several UV Light reactive colors giving the User the ability to see How a drive really works while giving the End users some splashes of colors This would in a few ways allow education into the technology of How a hard drive works and give the power Gamers Something to show off other then a Liquid cooling system.

this Can be a Limited Edition Hard drive depending on the applications for use.

the Velociraptor Drive was a start in the right direction But now is a time where the end User should have a say in the colors and the beauty of WD Design and Reliability.

the Plastic Covering can be sealed like the Metal plain tops in Use today I hope WD does take this into consideration and Puts this Design into  Production Just like the MY BOOK This would be a very popular design and would increase Sales.


If you mean “see the inside workings of the drive” (eg. platters, heads, moving parts, etc), you may be in for a shock as to how precise and precious the inside mechanisms are. The rigidity of the drive case and particulars of it’s construction are built for a reason.

If you mean colourful boxes to contain the drive in, then that sounds cool! (some LED undercarriage lighting, pimp-my-ride style, could work?).

See The Engineer Guy - and his info on the humble hard-drive for some more details.

They used to make clear top SATA-1 (1.5Gbps) 10K 150GB Raptors

Just search for: clear top Raptor X

the following is from the description on the newegg site:

Crystalline polycarbonate lens
The WD Raptor X WD1500AHFD features a large, crystal-clear crystalline polycarbonate lens to reveal the inner workings and the drive in action. A world’s first, the lens provides structural integrity, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, durability and chemical neutrality necessary for the highest performance and reliability

so see through can be done, just don’t know about fancy features that change colour under specific lighting arrangements

nice idea, but i think that plexiglass (or similar) is more expencive then small, thin sheet of alumynum

I would prefer to keep my HDD cost as low as possible, I am NEVER going to look at my HDDs internals.