RE4 Drives and Software RAID 1

  I am planning a new build and would prefer to use RE4 drives instead of Cavier Black .  It will utilize Intel Rapid Storage Technology software with the motherboard controller for a BIOS RAID 1 configuration.  Since this is a software (firmware)  mirroring RAID rather than hardware  controller striping RAID  are the RE4 drives suitable?  I don’t mind the extra cost of the RE4 drives since they are better build and are more reliable.  Will TLER  cause problems with this configuration?

RE4 are one of the most recommended for RAID configurations, due to the TLER feature included, these drives sould be actually a good option for your setup, I had good experience with two of this on Raid before.

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I was wondering the same thing, although I would prefer to use Black drives instead of RE4 due to their price.

What should we consider when a desktop RAID is used? I mean, as far as I know, a typical Intel chipset RAID isn’t a pure hardware RAID, so what I’m trying to figure out is if a couple of WD Black hard drives are fine for building a RAID1 with an Intel chipset, or if an RE series is better for this purpose.