Re: WD TV Live and UPNP/Streaming of TV from DVB-S server

hi there,

i face the same problem with the DVBViewer Recording Service version 1.6 and WD TV live firmware 1.02.21  

playback does work for all channels, but there is about 45seconds to 1 minute delay until the stream is displayed.

On the server i have seen that DVBviewer recording service does open a VLC instance in the background which plays the

if i have a look in the VLC instance the following infos are seen at the “codec” details. (channel ARD HD, FTA)

Stream 0, type video, ID 6010, codec h264, resolution 1280x720, framerate 100

stream 1, type audio, ID 6020, codec mpga, channel stereo, sampling 48000 hz, bit rate 256 kb/s

stream 2, type audio, id 6021, codec mpga, description clean effects

stream 3, type audio, id 6022, codec a52, description clean effects

stream 4, type subtitle, id 6030, codec telx, description Teletext

Does somebody know a solution to solve the delay problem? @anyone from WD, if you need additional information please contact me.



try use 1.01 firmware. It dont have delay issue with streaming.