Here is what happened with my WD 1 TB Ext Hard drive. I had it plugged in my HP desktop USB port, along with a Multi Card reader plugged in another USB port. I had to leave home suddenly to a meeting. So I yanked the two products out of the ports to lock in my desk drawer. Upon arriving back home, I plugged both devices back into the PC, but hear no ding-ding indicators from the pc as expected. What could have gone wrong? I had this card reader for a long time, always knowing it is a Plug And Play device. And the WD hard drive doesn’t use ejecting as part of the removal feature. I have tried all one can imagine, to no avail!   Unplugged PC, etc. Please help me on this. Thank you, and a happy(er) 2013!

What do you mean that it doesn’t use the ejecting? All external hard drives must be ejected. Check on the disk management window to see if it’s recognized there.