Re: usb wifi dongle and other odd questions from Brazil

Hi all, I am an Aussie living in Brazil and a friend will bring me in a WD TV Live Media Player from the US next week, but I have a couple of questions before I even get it.

  1. can I use any usb wifi dongle to get wifi with this unit ?


  1. what is the quality and usability of hulu and other streaming sites etc using the PlayOn software with this device, and I wonder if PlayOn will even stream hulu to Brazil given that I need to use Hotspot Shield to get hulu here due to licensing issues.  I ask this second question because if the answer is no it won’t, perhaps…if I add another network card to the PC and let the  WD TV Live Media Player “share” the PCs internet connection, thus using the Hotspot Shield VPN already running. This hulu business is not a big issue because if not, I will convert an old PC into a media box and connect it straight to the TV.

Any thoughts on whether this will work ??

Thanks all

Welcome to the forums.

  1. No, you need one on the “approved” list (and it must be the correct firmware as well).

  2. I don’t know.

PlayOn has a free trial (at least, they used to…) so there’d be no risk in trying it…

I use it here in the States all the time.  It works quite well for Hulu.