Re: unable to play mkv files on my samsung smart tv via wd mycloud

i tried to play mkv files but getting msg not supported file format but sames files i can play on my tv if i copy them on HDD and plug them back to my tv usb 

same files i can play on my book live 

any help is appreciated 

Check the following link for more information on this.

cannot trick my samsung smart tv

 when i covert files to samsung smart tv format they dont show up in my tv when i open them via wdmycoud 

when i covert the files to general mp4 format then some files work some dont but they show up in tv 

Most probably your tv doesn’t support certain container. Test with another dlna player? Windows Media Player is a good start…

i had mybooklive and thos same files worked  on tv but with my cloud same files doesnt work on same tv