Re: Unable to play all type of videos

I have called you guys with this issue well within the 30 day limit and the guy told me to check which media server I was using to copy the files, as far as I knew it would have been Windows 7 at the time, but then I even paid to add the Twonky Media Server Manager not just the trial, but the Server included on both the MYBookLive Unit 2TB Size and the WDTVLiveHub with 1TB included, I can’t use it to watch or hear anything except maybe some song like itunes Videos for music, say for instance as embarrassing as it may be, Britney Spears video or Evanesaince, these types of music vides will play, the music, some of it plays and I’m even trying to copy these items to the 3 folder type PUBLIC VIDEO, PUBLIC MUSIC, PUBLIC 

I can’t even with Twonky server and Manager and the extra free push feature for my Ipod Itunes on my IPad2 64GB or Itunes from IPod Touch 32GB, IPhone from my Husband use he has from his work, but it’s still related to our Itunes account, we have all 2 devices and paid extra for everything twonky even bought a new Dual Router, which now I’m getting a failed DNS so I can’t watch Hulu+ or Netflix and I pay for both of those services, but to get to them I have to use my Sony Blue Ray or Sony N100 Box,

I shouldh’t have to do this, especially ever since with the latest downloads, Itunes made the digital rights go away, so this really shouln’t be a problem anymore, yet it’s never improved, I need help or I’ll have to sell the My Book Live 2TB I paid about $200 for each of these from Best Buy & even Best Buys Geek Squad wouldn’t cover this HUB, does that tell you something? So many customers were asking them questions about the HUB they couldn’t answer, it’s not covered on b them anymore, that’s how hard this is to set up. They won’t even let you pay for the Geek Squad to assist you for the item, and thats very rare with Best Buy.

I’m also have troble since when i registered initially, my WDTVLiveHub had the incorrect e-mail, instead of they had

Can you please call me on my cell phone at 9009-573-8171 and help me since the guy I spoke to said this issue was placed in my queue while the item was still under 30 days old, but I’ve tried everything to fix this. Thanks if you could, you should see where he noted this question and asked me to check the type of server i used to copy the files to the 1TB external drive I was trying to use, also a WD product.

Mickey Terry

Babado, this is a user to user forum, if you are looking for WD Support, you will need to contact then directly, they do not provide support in here.

Also, ( I really don’t know if this is only me, but…) it is not wise to post your phone number in a public forum.