Re: Subtitles on Windows 7 ultimate

The original owner of this thread is  zek74, however, the first post was empty.

Are you using IE9

So what is this thread about?:robotindifferent:

Anime_fan wrote:

So what is this thread about?

I’d assume that Zek is having some kind of issues with subtitles and Win7, but is also using IE9 and made a blank post, and posted in the wrong section.

Trancer apparently went to move the blank post, and we’re all waiting for Zek to come back and try posting again.

It’s all as clear as mud :wink:

You are correct, RoofingGuy.

I sent a PM to  zek74 when I removed the post, however, he is yet to read it. I hope for him to return soon and expand upon his issue and for a solution to be provided (If plausible).

I’ll move the thread if needed after more details are posted.