Re: Should you buy a WD Media player? NO WAY!

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I disagree strongly with that. For a lot of us the WD box does exactly what we bought it to do. Yes, it does have some bugs, but usually there are workarounds. You only have 1 post, so you did not ask any questions or try to resolve whatever problem you are having.

Before making a statement like that, why don’t you post your problem here. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here that may be able to help.

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BobScott - Was that all you wanted to share with us or are you using IE9?

The WDTV Live Plus was the greatest $99  dollars I ever spent.    It  placed all of my network media files on my Family room Home Theater,  with very few set up problems.

The only thing I would do different is :  If I were buying it now I would put in the extra $100 for the model with the built in in 1 TB hard drive.


PS I tried a competitors model first and was very disapointed.