Re-set email address for MyCloud?

I am not able to login to “MyCloud”, when I go to “forgot password” I get a dialog stating my email address is not associated with MyCloud. Is there a way to check or re-set my email address?

It needs to be done within the Dashboard of your unit. The remote access section will let you confirm if the E-mail address is correct or if the account needs to be re-activated.

Hi, Thanks for responding so quickly. I’m not sure what the remote access section you refer to looks like. My drive is a My Passport Wireless. I’d like to post a picture of the dashboard, but I can’t figure that out either

Visit the Learning Center Videos and see if there is anything that might help you. Use link below.


Please understand I am at my wits end with this. To cat0w, I used your link to view several videos. I found nothing that would explain why I need to enter my email address to login to the MyCloud app. Again, when I try to find out what my password is using the dialog box that appears when I click “forgot password”, I’m required to enter my email address, then I get another message stating my email address is not associated with MyCloud app.

Nowhere else in any other place in this hook-up of the drive am I required to enter my email address. I don’t understand what’s wrong!

Thus far, this drive has become a very expensive 2TB usb3 drive.