Re-purpose MBL as a Radio Server?

Hi guys, hopefully someone can help me with this. I would like to re-purpose my 1TB MBL in to a server so that I can host an icecast radio server.

Can I wipe the MBL and install an operating system on to it? If so, how is that done?

I have no knowledge of working with operating systems other than windows but would be happy to follow instructions.

Digging around I found these two links:

…which by proxy imply it’s possible to install Debian and set up an Icecast server.

But how do i go about installing a new OS on my MBL?

Much appreciate any input - thank-you.

I feel like I’m already close to working this out myself after finding this blog post:

Apparently it is already running Debian with Squeeze enabled, so all I need to do is enable SSH and then send it the required commands?

Am I getting close?

I’m adding this to help anyone else with the same question…

From Wikipedia:

Extending capabilities

The device can be ‘unlocked’ and accessed via  SSH terminal (newer versions of WDH1NC10000 do not need to be “unlocked”:  MBWE SSH Access), meaning that the WD MioNet  java-based software can be disabled so the device can be run with an unrestricted Linux OS, [8] at the cost of voiding the  warranty. [9] The unlocking makes it possible to install other software on MyBook (i.e. run a different webserver or an ftp server (such as  vsftpd) on it, use  NFS for mounting shared directories natively from  Unix, or even install a  bitTorrent client such as  rTorrent, [10] etc.) Further information on unlocking the device and downloads you are going to need  can be found here for the BlueRing Version, or  WhiteLight Mybook World, or  Mybook Live, depending on the Mybook Version.

Here is a thread explaining enabling SSH prior to the steps above:

I’m still finding my own way here so if anyone has any input to add please do, I’d love to know if i’m even heading in the right direction =]


There is no access to the console so if you wipe the you NAS’s drive you’ll brick the NAS.  I’m guessing you’ll need access to the console because an initial install won’t have the network port enabled and the installation procedure will be asking questions.  Also, there is no way to attach the likes of a USB flash disc, a second hard disc or a CD-ROM drive.

Thanks Myron, appreciate the timely response. Just finished migrating the data off the drive so only just in a position to actually tinker. Glad I read this first. Would make sense to try this stuff first on normal equipment and get familiar with it before trying to hack a NAS to do something I hadn’t tried before ^.^

It is possible to get access to the serial console, but it involves building a bufering circuit and soldering stuff.

Seriosuly, You can’t attach external storage devices to the MBL.  Once you brick the MBL, if you want to void any warrant to get it working you’ll need to connec tthe MBL’s drive to another computer to try fix things up.

I would CAREFULLY add functionality to the Linux OS one the MBL and not replace the OS.  I would also recommend not to have your stuff auto-starting at boot-time.  Just in case your additions would brick the MBL.

Even using Aptitude to install softwae has the capability of crippling and/or bricking the MBL.

Just a thought…   For your project, if you can afford the wait, buy a Raspberry PI for your project.