Re: Passport Essential SE 750GB for Mac drag-and-drop?

Hi Everyone –

I’m new to using external/back-up drives, so apologies in advance if this is an elementary question.

I just did a Time Machine back-up, which took a few hours, but I’m glad I did.  I only have 8 GB of useable space left on that computer, and I was thinking of just permanently moving my music to that computer.  The question is how to do that.  When I plug in the device what comes up in the finder is “WD SmartWare,” which is just files it seems, and “Time Machine  Backups.”  The latter seems to be the hard drive proper (it says that it has 635 GB of available space, and I can drop files in, but I can't change the name to anything but "Time Machine Backups").  Do I just copy everything there?  And if I do is there an easy way to redirect the path for my 60-odd GB of music once I have moved it and freed up that space on the mac hard drive?  If I have to go through and redirect them one song at a time it will take weeks!

Any advice would be helpful.

Never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. External drives are more prone to failure. A little blink in power while you are copying could corrupt the dive and make it inaccessibel. So can failure to remove properly. Tipping the drive over on it’s side. Just to name a few causes. The forum is full of people who put it all on one external and lost it.


Thanks for the advice, although I do have another back-up.  My question is more whether it is advised to just drop and drag, considering that the name of my device seems to be “Time Machine Backups.”  If I were meant to use it as just an external hard drive, why would they name it after a specific program?  Sorry if I confused the question with other concerns.