Re: NOTICE:, My Book Live, and users in relay mode are reporting that connec

I have an older MyBookWorld (blue rings) device and am still unable to connect to get access to my files via MioNet. Same ridiculous “check your internet connection” message for the last week. Also, I do have a registered device yet never received any sort of notifications. I spent hours trying to figure out what was going on thinking it was an issue on my end.

I have sent emails to support and got the “we’re working on it” response. It now apperas that WD is saying issues are resolved but my connection issue remeains. Not getting responses from support now either.

I need help and WD certainly does.

MioNet and WD2go are not the same things.

You do not have My Book Live or Cloud so you do not use WD 2go.

Your NAS has its own forum here

Thanks for clarifying and getting me to the right forum. It looks like the “MioNet” item in the posts is the right string.

Now just need action from WD. This is unbelievable! A week???!!!

I was in IT operations for 20 years and this inability to solve this problem after this much time is inexcusable. Even worse, they just stopped reponding from Support. People working for me would have lost their jobs.

I don’t even want MioNet. I just want access to files sitting on my device right next to me!!!

I think this will be the end of my WD purchases.